Prefabricated Turkish Bath in EPS - Hammam

Re.Pack produces Prefabricated Turkish Baths, of any shape and size, in self extinguishingable high density polystyrene foam EPS, coated with fiberglass net and  cementitious resin  ready to receive the final coating. We have a wide range of Prefabricated Hammam: Custom-made solutions for beauty centers, Wellness center and SPAs.

bagni turchi prefabbricati

The artifact in EPS comes complete with walls, ceiling and  self-bearing  floor, benches and decorative elements of the customer's project. The use of expanded polystyrene, a material which is highly workable and flexible, allows to use imagination , to create  many different  shapes, decorative elements of various kinds, such as niches, fountains, chairs, arches and columns.

some standard examples:

Square Turkish Bath with frontal door / barrel vault ceiling

Circular Turkish Bath / Dome ceiling

Square Turkish Bath with angular door / flat ceiling

Turkish bath is been used  since centuries  for mental and phisical wellness. The high umidity conditions inside of the Turkish Bath are useful to cleanse the body and purify the skin because the air inside of the space is saturated with water vapor (100% relative humidity), which in contact with the skin it promotes perspiration The temperature is lower than in a sauna, so it is possible to stay longer in the turkish bath, and promote socialization and relax.

download technical sheet

download plans and sections 1

download plans and sections 2

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