motional Showers

The emotional showers produced by Re.Pack are made with self- extinguishable high density polystyrene foam EPS, coated with fiberglass net and cementitious resin ready to receive the final coating. The artifacts in EPS created by Re.Pack are freestanding and easy to install; shower may possibly be prepared for the insertion of the technical plants according to the needs of the customer. Custom-made solutions for beauty centers, Wellness center and SPAs.

We produce showers of any size or shape, circular or spiral, single or multiple, to be easy placed in public places such as wellness centers, spas, swimming pools, gyms, hotels, or even in private relaxation areas, where the shower ensures optimum emotional well-being thanks to multisensory water jets, music therapy, color therapy and aromatherapy.




docce emozionali




Some example of standard showers:


Circular shower










Double cirular shower









Snail shower









The emotional shower was designed to expand the benefits and relaxation produced by a normal shower, involving all five senses for a deep and comprehensive wellness. The water jet is in fact combined with visual, auditory and olfactory elements, with relaxing lights, sounds and smells inspired by nature, to feel really unique sensations to get a total regeneration of the body. Relaxation is also favored by the action of massaging water jet, which is useful in particular for the cervical area and in general for the relaxation and decontraction of the muscles of the upper body.


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